The bicycle has inspired more varied and ingenious inventiveness than any other human artifact. Here are some creations, new and old, which have caught our attention.

The Tribent from Turner Recumbents

The Tribent from Turner Recumbents

We've never seen anything like this in all our travels - designer and owner of Turner recumbents MILTON TURNER explains the reasoning behind it.

Pedal Powered Pylon Climber

Pedal Powered Pylon Climber

A vertical transportation device

Bi-Cycle and the See-Saw Bike

Bi-Cycle and the See-Saw Bike

ELAD BAROUCH explores the further fringes of creative bicycle building with his two bizarre bike projects

Rowing quadricycle

Rowing quadricycle

This ingenious five-seater was an entry to the first HPV (Human-Powered Vehicles) event in the UK.

Papoose bike

Papoose bike

An innovative child carrying bicycle


The Passenger-Propelled Rickshaw

Inhabitants of Delhi rediscover their cooperative impulses with STEPHAN KÖPERL and SYLVIA WINKLER’s unusual people-carrying trike


The Fuel-Tank Flyer

A unique recumbent trike based on the fuel tank from a decommissioned Russian fighter jet.


The Pedouins

Family on wheels - BILL and AMARINS HARRISON and their three daughters are making a unique journey from Kentucky to Alaska.


Moustachioed gent on fly-wheel equipped bicycle

This image from the Bike Culture archives has us scratching our heads.


Bi-Bici Tandem

An unusual machine made by Graziella in Italy.


Recumbent on the Devil’s Road.

FRANK COLVER explains how having your feet well off the ground and clear of the rattlesnakes is just one advantage of his Desert Bike recumbent. Edited by PETER ELAND.


An enormous bike

What more can we say? It's an enormous bike.


Heavy transport.

Brox tandem quadricycle towing a passenger trailer.


Kinetic Sculptures

The Kinetic Sculpture races have cemented themselves as a part of the culture of many towns and cities across the globe - TOM VOGT describes this ludicrous sport, along with some very bizzare pictures...


House moving

Who needs a removal truck when you have friends like these?


The Fantasy Man

Amsterdam-based artist ERIC STALLER has come to hope for a future that is technological yet human. Among his works, which range from large-scale architecture to whimsical mini-sculpture, there is a strong pedal-powered element, closely allied to his personal philosophy.


The amazing ocean-going world of Yvon Le Caer

Le Caer was a world-class competition cyclist before he embarked on his ocean-going exploits. His speed records for human powered water craft still stand more than twenty years later.


Hand crank assisted bicycle

Adding a set of pedals might give us a more varied workout but it cannot help us go any faster.


Beating the hills

Hills! Don't we hate them? The bane of our cycling lives. If only there was a clever invention which would flatten them for us...... No no no, not gears. This!


The Patio Pedaller (AKA the Backyard Bike)

Yorkshireman BRIAN CASWELL describes the thinking behind his unusual creation.


The long and the short of family transport

An expanding family needs a reliable form of transport, and a 'green' family needs an environmentally friendly craft. Cyclorama Editor JIM McGURN tells the story of the vehicle he designed to meet both briefs


A very circular cycle

Mummy are we there yet?


Fietsorkest - the bicycle brass band

Nothing brightens a day like six musicians in matching uniforms, on one bike: the "Brabants Fietsharmonisch Orkest".


Pedal-powered slot car racing game

Four-lane fun, and miles better than a home turbo-trainer!


FarRad - the radiator bike

Winner of the final of the first Pedal Powered Furniture World Championship


The Rinky Dink

The travelling pedal-powered sound system against war and injustice!


Human-Powered Bus

A behemoth reminiscent of Roman galley ships


The Terrible Two

A bike where both wheels are free to turn!


Zero Emission Machine

A commercial attempt to replicate the short-journey benefits of the motor car, using pedal-power.


The Camper BIke

KEVIN CYR combines Chinese transportation with American recreation


Ultimate security

Go ahead sucker, make my day!


How to build a tall bike

Cyclorama's resident evil genius shows us how to make a Tall Bike. Do try this at home! By PETER TREMLETT


Home made recumbent seating re-visited...

In the endless quest for ultimate rear end comfort Zombie freakbike builder PETER TREMLETT brings us the latest evolution of his linear drive, electric assist recumbent quadricycle seating solution.