Cycling Worldwide

The bicycle takes different roles in different cultures, and cycle tourists experience countries communities and nature in ways which no other form of travel allows.

USA: The Amish

USA: The Amish

The humble bicycle fits perfectly into the Amish way of life

Denmark: This land of fairy tales

Denmark: This land of fairy tales

BENT LORENTZEN, a Danish-born cultural anthropologist now living in America, met and rode with Rick and Cindy Simonsen, from Seattle, for much of their tour through Denmark. To American eyes, Denmark is a fairy-tale land.

Greece: Discovering Arcadia

Greece: Discovering Arcadia

CLIVE VAN LINT and LIZ LAWSON saw Greece in all its glory as they rode through Arcadia, from Olympia to Megalopoli.


*Lagerplatze fur Rad-Wanderer. Sleeping Lightly on the Earth

Networks of cycle-friendly landowners are enabling cycle-campers to enjoy the carefree pleasures of the travellers of old.


*New Zealand: Soloist's Sojourn

KEN RUBELI describes a brief but soul-nourishing tour around a corner of New Zealand’s North Island.


*USA: Hotter than hell

MAYNARD HERSHON proves he can stand the heat in Texas


*USA: Fragments of America

CLIVE VAN LINT and LIZ LAWSON experienced another America on a ride through the southern States.


*Peru: A touring adventure

Ed’s note: We found this well written travel piece in our archives and thought it worth sharing. Sorry to say, we don’t know who the writer is. Get in touch if it’s you!


*Sweden and Denmark: Cycling in Scandinavia

Experiences and advice from CHARLIE FISHER


*UK, Wales: The Border Kingdom of the Bike

Touring pleasures of the Welsh-English border between Shrewsbury and Llandrindod Wells


*UK, England: Lincolnshire

PETER ELAND takes a look at Tennyson Country


Turkey: One Foot in the Orient

DAVID COOK encounters the land where Europe and Asia meet


UK, England: Cycling in Suffolk

Suffolk, the land of the 'south folk'. A county of seaside towns, forests, rivers, castles, churches, vineyards and breweries. A land of tiny villages, thatched pink cottages, quiet country lanes and ancient trackways. By MARTYN ALLEN


The Pedouins

Family on wheels - BILL and AMARINS HARRISON and their three daughters are making a unique journey from Kentucky to Alaska.


UK, Scotland:Travels to a timetable

JASON PATIENT went ‘mixed-mode’ travelling around northern Scotland with his Brompton folder.


*Japan: Cycling across Japan’s Northern Island.

We are trying to identify the author of this piece.


Denmark: Danish Delights

Denmark combines gentle landscapes with a strong cycling culture, providing an ideal destination for a holiday on wheels. CHARLIE FISHER recounts the story of his tour


India: Heroes to the Himalayas

It was on a whim that STEPHANIE DOWNEY and PHIL McGOVERN hired a couple of Hero roadsters for the weekend. It became a real adventure when they took them to the Himalayas.


UK, Northern Ireland: 1690 and All That

Northern Ireland was, says PHIL McGOVERN, a great place to cycle, with its quiet country lanes and friendliness. (This piece was written around 1999, so some of the references are dated. We have left them in, for historic interest. Ed.)


Uganda: Wheels of hope

Water, food and medical care are the stuff of life - and they are often taken for granted. Not so in Uganda. RICHARD KISAMADU explains how bicycles can help these essential services reach rural people.


India: Cyclists' India: an A - Z

DAVE COOK rode into the exotic clamour of India and came out with a potpourri of impressions. Photography by SUE DARLOW


Africa: Across a continent.

At the age of sixty LOUIS O'CAROLAN journeyed from coast to coast.


Norway: Come rain or shine.

It is often said that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they are born attached to pedals: three quarters of them own bicycles. By TROND BERGET


Netherlands: Cycling in Holland

J. P. AGNER takes a look at how the Dutch do it



How Switzerland is just a little bit different. MIRIAM STEINMANN.


Italy: Cycling City Modena

SUE DARLOW finds a rich everyday cycling culture in Modena, Italy. She also took the pictures which will soon be uploaded.


Africa: The kindness of strangers; the only thing you can’t pack

In the 1930s, Eric and Jack Attwell pedalled the length of Africa on two lumbering three-speed roadsters. By CLAUDE MATHALER


Belgium's glory

The Ardennes are one of Europe's most underestimated regions for cycletouring. PETER COX went exploring.


Netherlands: Groningen, Cycling City.

When you cycle in most towns, you quickly learn which routes are safe and which routes to avoid. This isn't the case in Groningen; you simply pick a route from A to B in the certain knowledge that it'll be perfect for cycling.


Argentina: The long and windy road.

A ride on the Argentinean Pampas by.ALYCEA LAMB-HORTH.


*Peru. The Order came from Above

One minute CARLOS CORDERO was writing up his PhD thesis in law, the next he was a full-time cycle-activist. What happened?


Critical Mass, Critical Thinking, in the USA

This piece is as relevant today as it ever was. Compiled and edited by ROBERT POOLE.


UK: Why do the British never explore Britain?

LYNNE CURRY from Bristol is mystified.


Finland: Saunas, Sunsets and Strawberries

JULIA THORN describes a Ride through Central Finland


Canada: Bear Tracks.

In one of the strangest and most compelling touring articles we have ever come across FRANCOISE and BERNARD MAGNOULOUX describe a journey to a remote settlement named Schefferville. Not even a dirt track led to it: only a little used railway line – but, for some reason, they were determined to get there, and on a very unusual cycle.

Rover’s Return

Rover’s Return

How do world travellers settle down again to their own beds? Or do they ever? LYNNE CURRY went to meet Anne Mustoe


The Bike ride with twenty flights

LYNNE CURRY challenges our conception of holidays.


Vietnam: a City on Wheels

CAROLINE CHARLIER from France describes the Cycle Rickshaws of Hanoi


Vietnam: of Pedals and Paddy-fields

COLLEEN MCGUIRE from the USA describes cycling in one of the world's least motorised countries.


*Cuba: Cuban connections

Here BOB SILVERMAN describes his motivation and his involvement with the cycle revolution in Cuba.


*Japan: Pedal East

Japan is known abroad more for its car industry than for its cycling. But, as MASAYA KOMAI reports, there’s plenty of interesting pedal-power going on.


1970s New York photo collection

Feeling groovy. Monochrome snapshots of New Yorkers and their bikes.

Canada: "What d'ya wanna drive a bike for?"

Canada: "What d'ya wanna drive a bike for?"

Intrepid pedaller JOSIE DEW enjoyed the car-(and cyclist-) free roads of Nova Scotia. The scenery was stunning and the locals incredulous but welcoming

UK, Scotland: My Particular Paradise

UK, Scotland: My Particular Paradise

From BETTINA SELBY'S book of the Outer Hebrides, entitled The Fragile Islands.


*Bangladesh: Rickshaw riders

In many cities of the world, the rickshaw is the only way to travel - although it's not without its cost...


Denmark: Danish Commuters

Denmark could have been designed and built from the ground up by cyclists.


India: The Land of Spokes

SUE DARLOW, whose is part-Indian by nationality, describes the importance of the bicycle in Indian life and culture. Photographs are also her own.


A high wheel through Afghanistan

In 1884, the Englishman Thomas Stevens set out on what was probably the first cycle tour around the world, which included a passage through Afghanistan.


Faces of the Mekong

TOM KEVILL-DAVIES travels the world on his bicycle, seeking good food. Here he reflects on the attraction of these cycling odysseys, and shares his photographs of the people of South-East Asia.


The Passenger-Propelled Rickshaw

Inhabitants of Delhi rediscover their cooperative impulses with STEPHAN KÖPERL and SYLVIA WINKLER’s unusual people-carrying trike


Mountain Biking Before Mountain Bikes

By Chairman of the Rough Stuff Fellowship: STEVE GRIFFITH


Randonneurs do it at 15kph

An introduction to the nocturnal world of the long distance cyclist. Written By GREG MELIA.


Where to Ride London

NICK WOODFORD, has just written a new cycling guide to the capital and we asked him to tell us about his favourite rides.


Over unknown Iceland on a Raleigh Roadster

In 1933 Horace Edward Stafford Dall and his Raleigh three-speed roadster (complete with fully enclosed chain case), made the first crossing of Iceland's Sprengisandur wilderness by wheeled vehicle - preceding the first motorised vehicle by a month. BEN SEARLE narrates the incredible story.


UK; Rough at the top

The Rough Stuff Fellowship is a very British phenomenon. STEPHEN McKAY takes a closer look.


Hello, Sweetie!

Trudi Edmunds was inspired to start her bicycle basket business by a gift from a friend. By STEVEN RUSSELL from an interview originally published in the East Anglian Daily Times


Repack, and the Birth of the Mountain Bike

RICHARD BALLANTINE writes about the origins of the mountain bike, and the now-famous course that led to its inception.