Mick's Tips - Home Made Tools.

Some of the most useful cycle specific tools of all can be made at home. Indeed my favourite one cannot be purchased, so if you want one you're gonna have to make it.

The Jibber.

The Jibber begins life as a spoke - stainless ideally, though any sort will do. A Jibber made from a used spoke is every bit as useful as a new one.

Bend the head end around and over itself as in the picture so that the elbow engages to form a rudimentary handle. Add a little kink to bring the handle in line with the business end. Now file the threaded end into a point.

Behold. The Jibber.

The silver one was made for a specific jibber job - the black DT stainless one has more traditional proportions. It doesn't look like much does it? But you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Use it to open up and pre-form the nylon sleeve within the ends of freshly cut cable housing. Credit for naming the Jibber should probably go to Giles 'Giler' Meaden off of Bracknell Cycles.

Other useful tools can be created from spokes. For example; A 100mm length of spoke can be made - in a matter of seconds - into a device for holding two ends of chain together while you connect them. With pliers make three bends of 90 degrees, one in the middle and one at each end about 20mm in.

Stainless wire. It's grrreat!!