'Bent on a Budget pt1: Seating

How to make a recumbent seat from an old office chair. Or a new office chair for that matter. PETER TREMLETT shows us how.

Office Chair to 'bent Seat

I came home from work tonight and decided I wasn't going to spend money making a 'bent seat, as I had all I needed in my stockpile of bits, so in a couple of hours this is the result and the step by steps for my seat.

Started by taking an office chair, nice leather bound and comfy, with inbuilt lumbar support

and removing its cover marked out the area I wanted to remove for vertebrae relief

Removed the unwanted bit, and marked out where I want the kidney supports to come to, and then cut away the foam to suit markings

Headed out to the shed and used the band saw to remove those unwanted bits of the seat back, and then used a hand saw to cut through the kidney pads and foam, so that the foam stayed glued to the boards

Drilled some big air holes into the board, and then covered the 'inside' foam with waterproof poolmat foam

Grabbing an off cut of trampoline matting, I then covered the front with the matting, and then tidyied up the back with another piece of tramp mat

Total cost $0.oo
Total Comfort 100%

Now what can I use to sit on whilst I try to type this into my pc?