Human-Powered Bus

A behemoth reminiscent of Roman galley ships

Trust students. The "HPBus" carries a total of 34 people - 32 passengers, a driver and a guide. It weighs 2500kg and uses 80m of bike chain. Built by students of the Technological University of Eindhoven, the bus has carried them... to the brewery and back. Fittingly, the engineers who created this machine were members of the W.S.V. Simon Stevin - a student organisation named after the inventor of the Land Yacht.

With more than 100 chainwheels, and over 11 metres long, this is not your average HPV. The HPBus has 12 gears (including 2 reversing gears) and a travelling speed of 20kph - not bad for a bike with an empty weight of two and a half metric tons!

I want a go. Just need to find 33 other people to join me.

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