Bi-Cycle and the See-Saw Bike

ELAD BAROUCH explores the further fringes of creative bicycle building with his two bizarre bike projects

So you think you know about ‘bicycles made for two’? Elad Barouch’s design work has resulted in the creation of some far from standard tandems, from the ground-breaking to the frankly inoperable. Here he describes some of the thinking behind one such work, his ‘Bi-Cycle’:

“A unique tandem bicycle, Bi-Cycle allows both riders to contribute equally to the riding experience. Since both riders can steer and pedal at the same time, riding this bike demands a trust bond between the riders.

“While completing a narrative for my final school project that deals with resolving disputes between people, I came to a conclusion that it will be best implemented using a new bicycle design. One reason was that since the regular bicycle is such an icon, any small change to them would be extremely noticeable, the other reason was personal and I just felt that taking on designing an object like that will be super interesting.

“So the idea for the final shape of the Bi-Cycle really came since it was the ultimate way to explain my observation about the way to resolve disputes. In short, at first we need to establish trust and learn to communicate, then we can start moving forward, once we are moving we can master our communication skills, and finally all that is left is pure fun. This is the reason why when riding the Bi-Cycle, both riders have complete control on the steering and the pedaling, making their influence on the riding the same and thus creating the need to communicate.”

Perhaps of not so much practical application, but no less intriguing to look at, is Elad’s ‘See-Saw Bike’.

In Elad’s words, “the SeeSaw Bike was created as an art piece that reflected my ideas about the thin line between design and art: using my experience on the previous bicycle project, I aimed to create an object that stands on that thin line between reality and imagination.

“The fact is that there is hardly any chance that this bike could be operated by two people at the same time, but saying that, I created the doubt and the illusion that they can maybe work by constructing them as real as a manufactured bike, and bringing along a great theory about how when you turn the middle wheel around the base length of the bike shifts from side to side, creating the seesaw effect. Together, these points allowed me to reach my first goal, catching the observers with a baffled look about what their eyes are seeing.”

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