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Chain Thong Review

Monday, October 18th, 2010 by George Goodwin

Kona Dew all Thonged upWe were very excited to receive a Chain Thong in the post last week.  Fitting it to my bike took (Mick) less than a minute.  The kit consists of a lightweight plastic arc (the Thong itself), a support bracket and a handful of cable ties.  Our initial fear was that it wouldn’t be substantial enough.

This worry was soon dispelled however; once the Thong is fitted, it stays in place really well. I’ve been using it for the last week and my jeans have been totally gunk-free, so it’s clearly fit for purpose.

The Chain Thong looks good too and doesn’t look out of place, if you even notice it: no-one else did.

The were a couple of downsides: it only protected my outer chainring from front-wheel dirt.  Also, I managed to catch it with my foot a couple of times, misaligning it, although that’s more to do with my carelessness than anything else.

All told though, the Chain Thong did exactly what was asked of it (i.e. putting an end to greasy legs), so I’m very happy to have it on my bike – and there it will stay.  It’s obvious that the Thong is designed for road bikes with 52/53t chainrings.  The arc was too big for my bike: although it looked a little funky on my 46t ring, its performance wasn’t affected.  In future it might be nice for it to come in a couple of different sizes (to accommodate both chainwheel size and number of chainwheels), but perhaps that would spoil its minimalistic simplicity.

Dynamism itself.

See the Chain Thong on Cyclorama here.

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