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Cycle Exif 2012 Calendar

Monday, November 21st, 2011 by CGIT

It’s that time of year again – when our thoughts turn to which bicycle themed calendar(s) will adorn the Cyclorama office walls.

I keep saying: ‘It’s not a competition. It’s not a competition!’ But I’ve won anyway. And it’s only November!

Adam Leddin, editor of the very fine Cycle EXIF website kindly sent me a copy of this, his second calendar featuring “Thirteen of the world’s most beautiful custom bicycles, from builders including Bishop Bikes, Feather Cycles, Icarus Frames, Fast Boy Cycles, Pereira Cycles and Stanridge Speed”. He’s not wrong, and it’s great to see our local lad Ricky Feather getting the international fame he deserves.

Cycle EXIF 2012 calendar cover

It really is the perfect gift for the bike geek in your life. You.

exif scan feather

exif calendar stanridge

exif calandar back cover

Purchase the Cycle EXIF calendar here.

Whilst I’m on the subject can I just say. I subscribe to many newsletters, almost all of them – surprise surprise – bicycle related. Usually, eventually, I end up unsubscribing from most of them. Because most of them are just soo boring. Of the very few remaining newsletters to which I subscribe Cycle EXIF is far and away my favourite. I never fail to open the email and the contents never disappoint. If you are remotely interested in beautiful bikes I thoroughly recommend it. Subscribe to the Cycle EXIF newsletter here.