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I take it all back (well at least some of it…)

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 by CGIT

Got a phone call this morning from Travis perkins. The actual guy I spoke to on the phone on Tuesday. He apologised for not getting back to me yesterday (whilst I sat and fumed) since he didn’t have all the facts until this morning . Fair enough. And informed me that the driver in question had been ‘read the riot act’.  Reminded in no uncertain terms that using a mobile phone whilst in command of a motor vehicle is 1) against the law 2) grounds for instant dismissal. And that if it happens again ‘and they can prove it’ he’ll lose his job. Seems he had been speeding too – they can tell from the tracker in the cab.

Well I’m happy to take that at face value. An idiot has been caught out. Hopefully he wont do it again.

As you were.

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2 Responses to “I take it all back (well at least some of it…)”

  1. Ted Lewandowski says:

    When I worked for a local cab company here in Providence, Rhode Island (US) whenever someone called to complain about a driver the dispatcher always thanked the caller and informed them that the driver would be disciplined making the caller feel like he had done the company a great favor – while in reality as soon as the dispatcher would hang up the phone would call the driver on the mobile and say in jest “what the **** are you up to” laughing and then try to get the driver’s side of the story because in reality I would say 99% of the calls would be vindictive people calling as the phone numbers would be all over the cab.

    Also, the callers would have no idea that the driver’s actually leased the car out for the day – so unless they were involved in an accident – the cab company had nothing to say to the driver about his/her driving – unless it became a safety issue with the driver driving carelessly and the cab company would be receiving the same type of phone complaints.

    I’ll be ready to wager you a Guinness that this is exactly what happened at Travis Perkins – the manager probably did talk to the driver but they laughed about it while making you feel that you had done a great deed to the company.

  2. Mick Allan says:

    Yeah, if I have my cynical head on that’s my suspicion too. To be fair, the guy did say all the right things and sounded 100% sincere so, in this instance, I have to take that at face value. You have to hope that large companies have more robust disciplinary proceedures than small ones….

    I’d call the police next time if I thought they would do something about it but the likelyhood of that happening is about zero. My word against his etc.