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Mick Allan

Not a recent image, Mick is much much older than this.Mick has been obsessed by bicycles ever since the age of four when he destroyed his Pashley Pickle tricycle (yes they have been making them for a very very long time…). and had to progress to two wheels. During his teens, being totally useless at any sports which involved hand/eye co-ordination prompted him to inaugurate the school cycling club (membership: 3 boys). As an art and design student in London a bicycle proved to be the cheapest and fastest mode of transport available so, though a petrol head, what might have been an inevitable drift towards automotive transport was nipped in the bud.

He became involved in the Bluebell Human Powered Vehicle Racing Team whilst at college. The fastest team in Europe for a time, they raced all over the world and came second overall in the 1986 World Championships. After college a ‘short-term-stop-gap’ job in a bike shop turned into 23 years in some of the best bike shops in London, Los Angeles and eventually Bristol, England.

In 2007 Mick became Head of Technical Services for Company of Cyclists/Get Cycling in York, responsible for the maintenance and up-keep of their fleet of 400 bikes, trikes and pedal-powered contraptions and for delivery of their bike try-out road-shows up and down the UK.

His design background is put to use occasionally when he designs logos, corporate branding and interiors, always for bicycle companies or cycling related organisations. He has even had a hand in the design and speccing of bicycles for some well known brands of bike. His extensive knowledge of cycling has been called on extensively in books, magazines and several TV shows.

He has owned more than 100 bicycles and tricycles of all kinds over the years including nearly 60 mountain bikes. There are never fewer than six bikes in his garage, each one of which is worth substantially more than his car. Don’t read too much in to that though, his car is a worthless piece of junk…

If all that wasn’t enough to qualify him as an anorak he collects bicycle postcards. 3000 so far… he’ll become your life-long friend if you send him one he doesn’t already have. “)