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Bespoked Bristol Show Report

Monday, June 13th, 2011 by CGIT

What an awesome show. Not since the heady days of the mountain bike boom have I witnessed such a sense of positivity and enthusiasm in the bicycle trade. This is just one tiny part of the UK trade of course – The artisans. The craftsfolk. The guys with dirty fingernails and an unhealthy addiction to the smell of hot swarf. This first ever Bespoked was, according to every single exhibitor that I spoke to, a better show than they could have dared imagine. Visitors were queueing up to get in on both days – and for the few hours I was there we were packed shoulder to shoulder.

The show had a slightly different flavour to the US and Euro handmade shows on which it was modelled. As Rob off of Really Useful Bikes pointed out – there were no cargo bikes, no ladies/step-through frames. I didn’t see a kid’s bike or a small wheeled bike either. Nonetheless, this was probably the best bicycle show I have ever attended. And I’ve been to few.

Awesome. Cyclorama will have a stand there next year for sure.

Kajak Custom:


Delta 7 Aranix:

arantix (2)



brother (2)

Demon Frameworks:

demon (2)

demon (6)

Donhue: Best Of Show!


donhue (2)

donhue (3)

donhue (4)Enigma:

enigmaFeather Cycles:

feather (2)


feather (3)

Detail of Winner; Best Track Frame:

feather (4)

Lee Cooper: Winner; Best Utility:

lee cooper (5)

lee cooper

Milk Bikes:


Paper Bicycle:

paper bicycle

Paulus Quiros:

paulus quiros (2)

paulus quiros

Ted James Design:


ted (2)

ted (3)

ted (6)

Tokyo fixed:

tokyo fixed

tokyo fixed (2)



Velo::er belts on the swrve stand;


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5 Responses to “Bespoked Bristol Show Report”

  1. Max says:

    I agree – it was a gorgeous show. The right size, the right people, nobody spinning sales guff and everybody talking the plain truth. I bumped into an importer of bespoke Italian frames and he, too, was waxing lyrical, promising to bring his suppliers next year. All in all there were lovely bikes and dedicated makers. P.S. I hate to differ from Rob but on Saturday there was indeed a front-hopper cargo bike outside the entrance…

  2. Mick Allan says:

    Hi Max, It really was a great show wasn’t it? Guess I didn’t explain that very well. Sorry. It was Rob’s own cargo bike under the marquee, he was bemoaning that his was the only one!
    Cheers, Mick

  3. Daniel Runyan says:

    Great pictures. Beautifully crafted bikes. The dedication and creativity is very RAD! Wish I was there.

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