Cycle Sport

Road-racing, time-trialling, BMXing, mountain biking, track racing, keirin, downhilling: there's hardly an end to the variety of competitive cycling. More articles to follow soon.

Polo for the people

Polo for the people

Crowds of 25,000, strong media coverage and interest from Nike and Sony… can it really be bike polo? JOHN KENNEDY, Director of Operations for the US Bicycle Polo Association, explains the renaissance of the sport.

Living the dream

Living the dream

KENT PETERSEN shares his personal memories of French roads, fans and new friends…

Bikes get physical.

Bikes get physical.

Some famous quotes on the nature of cycling. Taken, with some alterations from

The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge

Bike racing is hard, says PATRICK FIELD, but all cyclists can benefit from giving it a go, and he suggests some easy ways of getting into the game

Keirin 競 輪

Keirin 競 輪

Japanese racing wheels


Death on the Tracks

JIM McGURN writes about the many dangers associated with early motorcycle racing, and the measures devised to overcome the high death toll (some of which have been passed over to generations of modern cyclists!).

Interview:  Beryl Burton

Interview: Beryl Burton

Englishwoman Beryl Burton dominated women's cycling for twenty-five years from 1958, and was world champion repeatedly in many disciplines. JIM MCGURN interviewed her in 1984 when she was 47. This is an edited text of the original interview.


The amazing ocean-going world of Yvon Le Caer

Le Caer was a world-class competition cyclist before he embarked on his ocean-going exploits. His speed records for human powered water craft still stand more than twenty years later.

An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France

An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France

A review of Philippe Brunei's book by SIMON LEVERMORE

1904 The Tour de France which was to be the Last

1904 The Tour de France which was to be the Last

ARTHUR CLUNE reviews a book by Jacques Seray, which gives a fascinating insight into the history and intrigue of cycling’s greatest race.


Graceful riding

By improving your pedalling technique you can ride further and faster with less effort. Here, in an extract from his book, 'Cycling for Fitness', JOHN SCHUBERT explains how it can be done


Bad Blood

There's little love lost between bike racers and the drugs testers. But who holds the moral high ground? PATRICK FIELD says it's not as simple as it looks


The Best of the Bunch

JOHN STUART-CLARK, German team coach Peter Konopka PETER KONOPKA and BEN SEARLE explain, each in turn, advanced riding techniques for fast group or peleton riding.


Racing the high wheel

In several countries of the world the racing of High Bicycles is an exciting and highly competitive sport. Former champion DOUG PINKERTON from England tells the story.


The Art of Racing

DAVID ECCLES describes some of his favourite works of art which take cycle sport as their subject.


FarRad - the radiator bike

Winner of the final of the first Pedal Powered Furniture World Championship


Randonneurs do it at 15kph

An introduction to the nocturnal world of the long distance cyclist. Written By GREG MELIA.


Profile: Joe Waugh

The man behind M Steel Cycles in Newcastle was formerly a road racer for Britain - and a good one at that...


Profile: Maurice Burton

It’s Leicester’s Saffron Lane velodrome, August 1974. The newly crowned British 20 kilometre champion, Maurice Burton waves his bouquet. Sections of the crowd are booing. Is it because the champion rode a tactical race – or perhaps because his skin is a different color? By EDMOND HOOD