Beginner's Guide

Just starting out on cycling but don't know where to go or what to look for?  Our concise guide to beginners' cycling covers all the basics, from choosing the right bike to being out on the road.

Family and Children's Cycles

Family and Children's Cycles

Take the whole family with you when you cycle. The range of good quality bikes and equipment expands every year and there has never been more awareness of the need to establish good healthy habits at an early age. But whatever your motivation, saving money or saving the planet, your kids will have a blast. What better reason to get them on a bike?


A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Commuting 1: Choosing the Right Bike, Sizing and Adjustment

The world of cycling can be a confusing and bewildering place. For newcomers who want to get to the heart of the matter here's the important information a beginner needs to know. Distilled by MICK ALLAN. The first of a five-part series.


A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Commuting 2: Safety Wear and Other Equipment

MICK ALLAN delves into the murky world of bicycle safety...


A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Commuting 4: Maintenance and Roadside Repairs

The thoughts of MICK ALLAN on having the right tools for emergency repairs...


A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Commuting 5: Adjusting to Life with your New Bike

MICK ALLAN concludes this five part series by detailing some of the physical changes that take place within new riders.


Cycle Shops

It's impossible to buy just a bicycle - you take home a machine which will become a personal friend. The best friends though will invariably come from bricks-and-mortar bike shops with real people behind them - here's why...


Buying a Used Bike 1: Types of Bike

MICK ALLAN writes about finding the right bike second-hand, detailing the pros and cons of each. Do you go with a city bike or a roadster?


Buying a Used Bike 2: Things to Look (Out) For

Found a second hand bike that takes your fancy? MICK ALLAN explains the things you should look for to make sure you don't wind up having to replace all the parts and components


A Beginner's Guide to Cycle Commuting 3: Cycle Security

MICK ALLAN advises on good practice for cycle security

A Beginner’s Guide to Clip-less Pedals.

A Beginner’s Guide to Clip-less Pedals.

Faster, safer, more comfortable – bolting your feet to the pedals sounds scary but the rewards are worth it for cyclists who want to improve their performance. By PAUL JOHNSON