Cyclorama Special Edition messenger bag by Seagull

We want Cyclorama branded products to be something very special. The first sets a very high standard.

Professional cycle messengers the world over use Courier bags for a bunch of good reasons. The cheap and nasty, sweaty vinyl 'newspaper boy' bags which were pressed into service twenty and more years ago have evolved into practical, waterproof durable bags which are comfortable to wear all day long. Lots of companies make them now and they are available in a mind boggling range of sizes, colours and levels of quality.

I had my own go at designing a messenger bag nearly twenty years ago. Unhappy with the short-comings of the available bags it was based broadly on the then market leader but advanced the waterproofness and on-the-fly strap adjustment to another level. I sold a few and I kept one for myself, but beyond that I never took the big step to turn it into a business. My bag lasted fourteen years of almost every day use. And it looked very tatty towards the end! So when the sad day came to replace it I set very high standards for its replacement.

In the search for the perfect bag I stumbled across Seagull bags from Columbus Ohio. There are lots of good bags out there but I don't think many come close to Seagull's levels of excellence. But it's not just about quality, Seagull bags are completely customisable from an enormous range of colours and special features. You can even spec the colour of the stitching. But that's not all. They can also adorn their messenger bags in the graphics of your choice.

Beyond their presence on the product pages of there is no financial arrangement, we don't make any money on sales of this bag. We just thought you might like to buy it. The Cyclorama Seagull bag, along with all their other products, is available directly from them via their excellent website.

Just tell them we sent you.


Pics coming soon.