On your Bicycle

The Illustrated Story of Cycling by Jim McGurn. This updated edition with many new illustrations tells the colourful story of cycling: from dandies on hobby-horses to the present day. Showing how the status of cycling continually bobbed up & down the social scale.

On your Bicycle will appeal to anyone interested in people and their ways, rather than pure technology: although technological developments and the social role of cycling are closely linked. It’s a story of loud clubmen on penny farthings, of aristocracy awheel during the cycling boom of the 1890s, and of what happened when lower prices put bicycles into the hands of the working classes.

210 pages, 120 images including 16 colour plates. 230x180mm, softback,



"Jim McGurn is an institution in his own right. Few others have done so much to foster the culture of cycling, through entrepreneurialism, publishing and writing. His history of cycling is, for my money, the best in a crowded field. Originally published by John Murray and handsomely and imaginatively illustrated, On Your Bicycle is an elegant and perceptive social history of cycling. Read this and you will realise that merely to swing your leg over the crossbar is to participate in a noble tradition, and that, as Iris Murdoch once observed, the bicycle is the most civilised form of transport known to man."

                    - Matt Seaton, Top Ten Books about Cycling, Guardian Newspaper


 Some of the colour plates from inside the book:


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Jim McGurn is the author of nine books on cycling, and has published and edited several cycling magazines, including Encycleopedia and Bike Culture Quarterly. He is Chief Executive of Get Cycling, a community interest company promoting cycling, and of Company of Cyclists, Cyclorama's parent.

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