Cyclorama Book #1

THE BOOK OF THE CYCLORAMA WEBSITE! " This is a book of answers, of ingenious and practical responses to a whole range of real needs. We hope it gives an idea of what can happen when we combine the astonishing potential of the pedal and the wheel. “

Cyclorama #1 is published by the team behind this website. It's a high quality ‘coffee table’ book designed to have a wide appeal to cyclists old and new.

This 164 page publication is a mix of high quality photography and editorial on world cycling issues and takes a close look at virtually every type of bike imaginable. Future editions will build into a highly collectable set.

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“ Mick, ... I popped by and picked up a copy of the Cyclorama book. Brilliant! It's the most uplifting thing I've read in ages. It's socially responsible problem solving, so much ingenuity and a sense of fun. I spend so much time reading and hearing about social and environmental problems; when I read Cyclorama I thought, OK, we are pretty clever, maybe civilisation will survive this after all. “

Richard Lane, Semlyen IT, York

" Hi,
...Yes the book arrived, thank you very much. It goes well with coffee, tea, cake, yoghourt, apples, in fact anything to hand when we are browsing.

Love, love, love it!

Thanks again,
Joyce and Conrad "

" Cyclorama Vol.1 - the best bicycle book ever ... ! "

Practical cycles, Lancashire, England

Cyclorama is available from all good book shops and through our own network of Cyclorama Book sellers.