Mick's Tips - Home-made grease-ports

This trick can be used to breathe new life into old and/or cheapo pedals, particularly plastic bodied ones.

Got an old nacky pair of pedals whose grease has all but evaporated away? It's probably more cost-effective to buy a new pair than go to the bother of dismantling them, cleaning out what's left of the manky old grease, regreasing them, re-assembling all the balls and cones and then adjusting them back up.

Luckily there is middle way. Inspired by Wilderness Trail Bikes' Greaseguard system of several decades ago (which Suntour licensed for a while), it's easy to regrease crappy old pedals without taking them apart. All you need is a grease gun and a drill with a drill bit of 2.5 to 3mm. It's so simple. Drill a hole in the centre of the pedal end-cap - slowly and without too much pressure so that you don't push any swarf off the inside of the hole when it goes through. You'll feel the bit hit the axle.

Next, with your freshly loaded grease gun pump a load of anyoldgrease into the hole. Pretty soon it'll start spewing manky grease out of the inboard bearing and after a while, when you start to see clean grease you can stop pumping. As ever, make every effort to keep grease away from your skin, it's not good for you.

For a few days the grease will continue to seep out but just keep wiping it off until no more appears.

I probably wouldn't do this to a pair of 50th anniv. Campag Super Record pedals, but I've done it to all sorts, plastic, alooniman and steel bodied pedals and even the hubs on my Carry Freedom trailer - where I drilled into the centre of the hub body.

There ya go. Saved you £9.99!