How to build a tall bike

Cyclorama's resident evil genius shows us how to make a Tall Bike. Do try this at home! By PETER TREMLETT

What is a Tall Bike? & How do you make one?

These are two very interesting questions.

The answer to the first question is simply a bike that is taller than your normal upwrong bike!

16" & 20" micro & milli tall bikes

24" tall bike

16" & 24" micro & tall bikes

20" milli tall bike

16" micro tall bike with trailer

twin 16" micro tall bikes

How do you make a Tall Bike, is best illustrated as it is being explained to you.

Start with two simliar sized bikes frames, strip all the components off, till you only have the frames, and then secure the one you want at the bottom, in the vice.

Align the steerer tubes of both bikes, with the BB of the top frame, resting on the seat post mount of the bottom bike frame.

NOTE if the BB doesn't quite sit on the seat post mount, then you need to weld a small plate across the seat post mount, so that the BB will have something to be attached to.

Realign the steerer tubes again, making sure that both frames are straight with each other

and then glue the BB to the seat post mount/plate.
Remove bracing and check for frames being straight.
Should look something like this:

Second step after getting the frames glued at the BB/Seat, is to cut and insert a new steerer tube section:

Make sure this is as true as you can get it, or your steering will stick!

Third step is to make your new forks for your new bike.

Taking a pair of the forks that you removed when stripping the frames, cut the fork stem about 3" above the bottom bearing race.
Replace all the bearing races, and crown nuts on the top of the old fork.
Position the bottom of the forks against bearing race on the new steerer tube, and measure the distance between the top piece and the bottom part of the fork stem, with the top bearing race sitting on the top of the steerer tube, measure again, and then glue carefully. Remove the excess weld around the forks, so that the bearings slide over and fit back in the bearing races.

Riding a tall bike is fun, but sometimes the dismount can go wrong

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