The Pedouins

Family on wheels - BILL and AMARINS HARRISON and their three daughters are making a unique journey from Kentucky to Alaska.

Ten pedals, two wheels (plus the trailer), five seats: the Harrison's ambitious dream was to cycle across America - from their home in Kentucky 7000 miles to Alaska - on a quint, a five-seater tandem. They would be taking along their three daughters Cheyenne, Jasmine and Robin, aged just six, four and two at the time.

They left in the summer of 2009; five thousand miles later they are well on their way. Teaching their children as they travel (geography, dates and charts, the human body... topics of study are endless and immediate), celebrating birthdays, and finding friends and playmates along the way, the family are making a true journey of discovery. They aim to inspire and be inspired by the generosity and welcome of people across their enormous country. They are also affording their young girls an amazing experience which they will no doubt never forget.

They count their progress in mechanics and intangibles: flat tyres, miles travelled, broken spokes, chain sets; and in their own words, "warm, wonderful, generous, special, loving, incredible, kind people" and "many many assumptions that proved to be totally wrong."

You can follow and support the Harrisons' journey by visiting their website. We wish them all the best of luck with their onward travels, and not too many more punctures or broken chains!

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