Cycling Blogs

Our favourite blogs from off of the interweb. In no particular order

A VIEW FROM THE BIKE PATH: The blog of basket-maker David Henbrow, Englishman in the Netherlands. David's Baskets feature in Cyclorama.

GIRLS ON BICYCLES: Wonderful Japanese photoblog.

THE FOOT DOWN: UKcentric fixed wheel blog.

BICYCLE DESIGN: Tracking industry trends.

BLOKE ON A BIKE: The story of an unfit (but getting fitter) middle aged bloke who decided to go cycling.

CANTGOSLOW: The blog. Of the T-shirt. Of the movement.

CYCLECHAT: The multi-contributor blog of the popular internet discussion forum.

GIRLS ON BIKES: Australian fixie culture.

COPENHAGENIZE: bike culture from one of the most cycle-friendly cities on the planet.

LET'S GO RIDE A BIKE: Two women, two cities, two wheels. Well, 4 between them we hope!

SITUP CYCLE: advice and musings mostly on the subject of electric bicycles.

RIDING PRETTY: California-based blog of cycle chic

CYCLING INQUISITION: entertaining experiences and musings of a Colombian cycle enthusiast

The Laboratory of C.H.U.N.K 666: mutant biking awesomeness and the DIY ethic. Seems not to have been updated since 2008, but well worth a perusal

SUCKA PANTS: Nutters. Tall bike Jousters. Love it. But be a little scared.

BIKE INTELLIGENCER: US-based bicycle news blog

BIKE JUJU: interesting jumble of DIY bike culture, developing world bikes, art stuffs and the like.

COMMUTE BY BIKE: Great US-based community of cycle commuters of all ages and inclinations. Lots of tips and pics.

HUNGRY CYCLIST: food, cycle touring stories and photography from around the world

BIKE BLOG NYC: urban bike culture from New York and around the world

VELO VOGUE: stylish cyclists in San Francisco, and other US cities

FOR THE LOVE OF BIKES: bicycling, accoutrements, beautiful pictures of found bikes, design stuff...

UTILITY CYCLING: blog and online resource dedicated to the practice of utility cycling.

BIKE FORTH: interesting and thoughtful blog by a 'father, a quaker, a web developer and a bicyclist' about his various experiments and thoughts on transportation

Bike Snob NYC: “Systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture” – we like this blog!

Candy Cranks: Candy Cranks is a collaboration of female riders from around the globe giving insight to bike culture in their home cities.

Do Right Fear Not: Not strictly a bike blog, a mixture of interesting thoughts, history, culture, cartoons… and bicycles.

Fuccit blog: (NSFW!)

London Cyclist: An excellent blog about the joys, trials and tribulations of cycling in London

Velo Mondial: Great bike culture and policy blog with an international outlook

VivaLaBike: blog by three cyclists who met in China

Bike & Chain: A fascinating read - which comes with a free book!

...more on the way, as we find them

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