Beating the hills

Hills! Don't we hate them? The bane of our cycling lives. If only there was a clever invention which would flatten them for us...... No no no, not gears. This!

With the best will in the world and in an effort to get commuters out of their cars local authorities send out questionnaires asking their population why they don't ride bikes. One of the reasons given in many areas is 'Too many hills'.

This from the manufacturers own information;

'Our patented system ensures the cyclista smooth start.

The control panel is easy to use with clear, illustrated instructions.

The lift takes you at a comfortable speed of three mph.

The lift can be installed on hills with normal traffic or in its own lane.

The lift has been approved for unmanned operation by Des Norske Veritas/ Section for Aerial Cableways'.

The idea is that the rider approaches the escalator, puts one foot into a tray which is attached to a moving conveyer belt and is pushed up the hill while remaining seated on the bike. It has been proven to work in trials.

The City Council of very hilly Bristol in England has been proposing a bike lift for over ten years. With Bristol recently being awarded Cycling City Status by the government via Cycling England it moves another step closer. If the Bike Lift gets more people on bikes we are definitely in favour (but only if it isn't driven by a smelly diesel engine!) And here it is in action

And lest we forget that ingenious folk have been working on the problem of hills for a very, very long time..........