Moustachioed gent on fly-wheel equipped bicycle

This image from the Bike Culture archives has us scratching our heads.

What can we tell from this picture? Well, the rider certainly has dapper taste in clothing which could help us estimate a date for the picture. We can deduce that he probably isn't a regular cyclist because his saddle is set way too low. We notice that there's a brisk tail wind which he will probably need and he's looking rather pleased with himself. We also note than he hasn't tried pedalling it yet. Looking at the bike: the purpose built (or purposely adapted) frame has a flywheel (or perhaps it's a pulley) built into the frame behing the seat tube. A chain runs from the chainset to the flywheel and another from there to the back wheel. There is a lot of additional Heath Robinsonesque machinery bolted on around the transmission.

Our engineering minded staff here mutter technical words like 'cetrifugal clutch' and 'burnout' but without a closer look it's quite impossible to tell how (or even if) this beast works. What we do know for sure is that there is no such thing as free energy and that's probably why this particular chapter in the development of the modern bicycle was an evolutionary cul-de-sac.

..but those mudguards are rather nice.