Parts and Accessories

We don't believe a component has to be expensive to be perfectly good or even exceptional.

The global bicycle components market is dominated by three main players. In addition there are thousands of other companies, large and small, producing everything from nasty and cheap at one end of the market to expensive 'boutique' at the other.

You might be on the most expensive bike in the world, but if you can't get the indexing to stay tuned, or your panniers keep bouncing off, or the saddle doesn't suit your anatomy, then you might just as well be astride a garden gate.

Producing a good bike is not just about building a frame and bolting on the bits. Selecting the right components is just as much part of the design process as the specification of frame dimensions, angles and stress-points.

And what might justifiably be called the right bike for you in the cycle shop still needs to become your bike. It's more than just a question of handing over the money. Although few of us can afford a custom-built machine, one of the joys of cycling is that we can all fine-tune our machine to what we want it to do – and keep doing so, as our needs change and useful new products come onto the market. A different saddle can banish the pain in the seat, a handlebar extension, the crick in the neck, a pair of swish wheels, a few seconds off your PB. Age can be accepted gracefully with a wider range of gears. Someday you'll find the ideal all purpose pannier or a pair of well-cut shorts with roomy pockets to carry your valuables. And someone will produce the ultimate multi-purpose tool to allow you to deal with any contingency: from a puncture to an appendectomy!

Spend wisely on new components and accessories: whilst it's true that some of the most useful workshop tools can be fabricated from nothing more than a stainless steel spoke, the old saying, ‘Buy cheap, buy twice' really holds true; a cheap set of Allen keys for example is absolutely guaranteed to destroy the bolts which hold your bike together..

The cycling world is awash with truly useful and wonderfully innovative products designed by creative individuals working for companies who are totally committed to improving the lives of the cycling public. The difficulty is in separating those truly great products from the average and the poor. The wheat from the chaff if you will.

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