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Bespoked. The last word.

Friday, March 30th, 2012 by CGIT

Last year’s Bespoked was, genuinely, the best bicycle show I’d ever attended. This year was even better. The quality was outstanding, easily on a par with anything coming out of the US or EU. If you love exotic bicycles and you fail to attend the show next year you’ll be kicking yourself. After two storming years it’s into its stride now. It has momentum. You can bet that the assembled engineers, artisans and craftspeople will spend all year thinking of ways to outdo each other next year. I can’t wait.

One of the best builders who attended the show didn’t have a stand. In fact he turned up unannounced and wandered around on his own. The ‘bike’ he brought to the show was one of the most innovative and forward looking I’ve ever seen. But he left it locked up to a railing outside where passersby largely ignored it. Over the last few years Steve Parry of SP Designs has produced a small fleet of innovative small bikes largely based on Bromptons. When I worked in a Brompton dealer in Bristol he would pop in from time to time to show us his latest machine. Steve is a man seemingly possessed. His purpose in life is making the Brompton folding bike better. I should add that Brompton are not great fans of his work. He’s made ‘Bromptons’ with Titanium frames, with front and rear deraileurs, with carbon fibre forks and seat posts and ‘Bromptons’ with disc brakes. He’s made ‘Bromptons’ which weigh a fraction of the weight of the bikes which roll out of Bromptons own factory. Parry’s bikes may or may not be suitable for production. Perhaps there is no great market for hand made super folders. Whatever. They might never make it to production but it warms my heart to know that there are people like Steve out there pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of pedal power. He’s a man on a mission.

The thing he rolled up on is no less innovative than any of his previous machines, and true to form it uses Brompton components. Its an electric scooter which folds. And it’s a brilliant, brilliant thing.

SP Design Folding lecky Scooter

Here it comes....


Folks in other parts of Europe have embraced scooters for their short distance convenience. They fill the void between walking and cycling perfectly. An electric one makes a lot of sense. I goes without saying that I want one…..

The Tribe.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 by CGIT

When I was packing to head off to the Bespoked Show in Bristol last weekend I trawled through my collection of T-shirts to find the best ones I’ve got. Only the rarest and coolest would do. Seems I wasn’t the only one!

The following are just a tiny percentage. Maybe next year we should run a competition! Sorry about the blurry images…. cant get the staff…

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

bespoked t

Even More Pics From Briz..

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 by CGIT

As ever, right click on image and ‘view image’ to see full size.



Racer Rosa

New builder Mundie

There was a great buzz at the show..

Slate bike. Like a Vibrant rear triangle but not.

Foffa Bikes

Viliers Velo

Milk bikes

Burls new line

Spotted outside the show

Quoc Pham shoes, just lovely.

Dynamo works posters

More tomorrow folks!

More Pictures from Bespoked

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 by CGIT


The return of elevated stays! Yay.  But where's the purple anodizing??

Ted James 29 Gnar

Ted James bike for his mum. Just lovely.

Mercian won Best Utility with this beauty.

New street-tough wheels from Brick Lane Bikes.

LHD Super Ted. 14 Bike Co.

14 Bike Co. Well hard.

Kurtz from Hungary

Hidden away on Roberts' stand - carbon overkill.

Roberts again. With carbon rings.

Maus. Industrial finish hides immaculate construction.

Curtis 24" Cruiser


Ancient and modern.

More tomorrow folks!

Bespoked Brizzol

Monday, March 19th, 2012 by CGIT

After the enormous success of last year’s show I’m looking forward to this year’s event with eager anticipation. It really was an awesome show last year and this one will be even more awesomer.

But the best thing about this one is not the larger premises nor the hugely expanded exhibitors list. No.. It’s that Cyclorama will have a stand there this year. And on that stand will be our new book! I’m so excited I can barely focus and I keep having to go for a lie down.

As a gift to show visitors we’ll be selling the book at just £10, a saving of £2.99. And if that wasn’t enough, if you buy a book we’ll sell you a Cyclorama t-shirt for just a £iver (while stocks last).

See you there!

bespoked bristol

We’re back!

Thursday, March 15th, 2012 by CGIT

Wow. That was intense. You think you’ve got it done and then you find another job needs doing. And another typo! Yoiks!

The Cyclorama book has been signed sealed and delivered electronically (oh! the wonders of modern technology!) to the printers, We await its return, piled high on shipping pallets sometime next week. Those that wants one soonest better get their selves down to Bespoked Bristol where we’ll be selling them at a great promotional price.

Feedback has been very encouraging so far, from those who’ve followed the book’s creation on line. I am sooo looking forward to having an actual copy in my actual hands.

Which is why it’s all been quiet on the blog and Cyclorama website. And boy, have things been backing up! We’ve close to sixty new manufacturers and their products to upload to the product listing section of, new articles for Bike Culture and a growing pile of products which want reviewing on this here blog. Including a Dawes Super Galaxy, Carradice Super C panniers, The Hornit bicycle horn, a really neat origami mudguard from Sweden and a groaning shelf-full of books including Bike Art, One Gear, Bicycle Mania and  latest edition of Cutting your car use by Anna Semlyen.

All very exciting! And if that weren’t enough we’ll be at The Scottish Bike Show next month and possibly even Germersheim.