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The Italian

Friday, October 29th, 2010 by CGIT

My Colnago is back on the road.


It’s a long story. The Teenager was running late for work one day, jumped onto his bike without properly securing his load and promptly stuffed the carrier bag containing his sandwiches into the front wheel. It totally destroyed the wheel, ripping the eyelets from the very rim. A few days later I (generously < > foolishly) allowed him to borrow the front wheel from my bike to keep his on the road. Shortly therafter The Teenager’s Girlfriend borrowed his bike, was running late for work, jumped onto The Teenager’s bike without properly securing her load and promptly stuffed her handbag containing God Knows What into the (now my) front wheel. The incident removed precisely 16 of the 32 spokes by shearing each spoke nipple off at the rim. I’d never seen anything like it but what was particularly freaky was that the wheel, though unrideable, remained perfectly true. She was sufficiently remorseful. Luckily The Teenager is now a fully qualified Cytech level 2 trained mechanic so it only took him four months to rebuild the wheel ….

So finally the Italian is back on the road. It’s a Colnago but don’t let that fool you, it really is a hack of the hackest sort. I ride it through every winter. The wheels don’t match, actually nothing matches. The rims are different colours. The only thing that the parts have in common is that they are Campagnolo but they are all from different groupsets; Centaur, Veloce, Athena, Xenon. And not just from different years, they represent four different decades of production! Mix ‘n match. The rear wheel bearings are shot and the nipples don’t turn. The decals are scratched and flakey and the paint is tired. But you know what? The thing flies. A recumbent might be faster but nothing beats the simple pleasure of going fast on a road bike. Even a tired and rattley one.

I rode it to work last Monday, into a cold, miserable, wet headwind, and when I got to the turn-off I just wanted to keep on riding. I just didn’t want to stop.

But the best thing about my Colnago is the colour. Girls shout; ‘Nice bike!’ as I roll past. I wheeled it into Argos frame finishers in Bristol last year to enquire about tidying it up.  Unfortunately it’s simply impossible with today’s paints and pigments to acheive a paint match.

Pink ColnagoAnd that’s the decider. If I can’t get the colour replicated I aint getting it fixed. The flakey decals will just have to stay.

It’s the most lurid mid eighties glam….


And I’m not changing that for all the Shimano in Taiwan.