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Monday, March 1st, 2010 by CGIT

I don’t know what it takes to make a bike geek/nerd (what we like to call in the UK an ‘anorak). What forces are at work in the process which transforms a normal child into an obsessed adult? Everyone knows someone whose brain is full of the ins and outs of soccer or baseball or railway timetables, like my uncle’s total obsession with the post-war history of the Mille Millia motor race. In my case it’s everything and anything to do with bicycles. Some subjects just grab some people and don’t let go.

For me it goes back a long way, since I broke the rear end off my Pashley Pickle tricycle in 1966 and graduated to two wheels I’ve owned well over a hundred bikes including fifty five mountain bikes. If you need any more convincing may I present the most incriminating evidence of all; my collection of more than three thousand postcards and gift cards, each with a bicycle theme. I am simultaneously proud of and yet slightly embarrassed by my single track mind. For reasons yet to be identified, and in spite of being surrounded by soccer fans and car nuts, I grew up to become a man whose over-riding interest is in all things pedal powered.

I’m guessing that you too have an interest in cycling or else you wouldn’t have found your way to this little corner of the www. Whether your condition is as advanced as mine (or heaven forbid worse!) or you are perhaps a soccer or baseball fanatic who just happens to have a passing interest in cycling what I hope to do with this blog is nothing more than show you some really cool stuff from the world of pedal power.

Bikes are cooler today than they have ever been. Those of us who have been involved in cycle retailing, publishing or promotion for some years feel very strongly that the bicycle’s time has truly come. Peak oil, transport issues, environmental awareness and the rise in childhood obesity might be the forces which push folk towards bikes but in the end, and as you and I well know, cycling is cool and cheap and fast. And fun! And these are the true benefits which keep people pedalling.  We are on the crest of a wave of popularity which heralds a new era in urban transport. From Tokyo to Milan and from Edinburgh, Scotland to Portland, Oregon we are all willing participants in nothing less than the dawning of a new age. The Bicycle Age.

If Cyclorama inspires people to ride bikes we will have done our job.

But if Cyclorama inspires young people to become bike nerds, geeks and anoraks for life all the better!!


Associate Editor, Cyclorama


…and Hot Rods

Some people just can’t leave well enough alone. The influence of Kustom Kulture is big in the cycle world and getting bigger every year, witness the runaway success of Electra Bikes. Ironically a mass produced brand which produces bikes inspired by the creations of people who adapt mass produced stuff to make it unique.

Here’s a great site which has been chronicling the custom cycle phenomenon for many years: Bike Rod n Kustom

Bike Rod n Kustom website

Bike Rod n Kustom website

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