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LGRAB Summer Games – decoration / maintenance

Monday, June 28th, 2010 by Camilla

Next round of missions accomplished; ‘decorate your bike’ and ‘perform a bike maintenance task – big or small’. I did also transport a reasonable quantity of compost by bike for the ‘carry a load on your bike’, but sadly those photos are awaiting the discovery of the whereabouts of a cable. Tch.

I needed to change the bearings in my front wheel. Actually I also fixed a  puncture this week – extra unanticipated Summer Games I suppose! So that wheel’s been removed twice already in a matter of days, and I like quick release.

blue wheel

Got the ball bearings from the good people of Cycle Heaven, on a glorious Sunday afternoon; had an icecream; wished the icecream lady knew how to be a proper icecream lady (she wasn’t very generous); did the housework; and then got to work. I got given some PR88 wash-off hand cream as a gift recently, by my bike-mechanic mum, so my hands were all nicely prepared to get mucky!

cone spanners & bearings

The decorating one was nearly neglected due to the unpleasant distraction of watching England’s abysmal performance as they were trashed by Germany in the world cup. But I had no real desire to listen to the post-match self-flagellating analysis, so escaped into the wilderness to adorn my bicycle.

Had contemplated going for a shaggy goat theme, inspired by Sogreni’s beautiful thing, and also the old covered-in-flowers, but that’s a bit too obvious. Also considered more permanent alterations but that would require a bit more thought. So in the end I went for disguise and green, to blend in down along the river where I am often to be found on these warm summer evenings.

tree bike frame

Cue cheesy puns about the ‘green machine’.

Hopefully the cable will be found soon. In the meantime, you can (still) have a look at the rest of the Summer Games pics and participants here, and if you just wandered in and have no idea what I’m on about, visit LGRAB.

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A nice little article on ball bearings in our Bike Culture section – old but just as relevant. With a neat explanatory diagram for the visual among us!

2 Responses to “LGRAB Summer Games – decoration / maintenance”

  1. Trisha says:

    Adorning a bike does sound much more pleasant than listening to the commentary that must have been going on in England after that game — turned it on at half time and couldn’t believe what was happening! Anyway, your bedecked bicycle looks lovely!

  2. Camilla says:

    Why thank you! It was fun to bedeck, thanks for the Games :)

    re England team – well, I could believe it, we were terrible and deserved it.