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George Goodwin

George is also secretly a rockstar in his spare timeGeorge hasn’t been alive as long as Mick, and so doesn’t have so much to write.  He is not a bike geek.  To him, a bike is an efficient and inexpensive way of getting from A to B.  He has been cycling for as long as he can remember – he often gets friends together to go cycling in the countryside, but only when the weather is good.  He has only recently dipped his toes into the hitherto alien world of cycle maintenance – he can fix punctures and put the chain back on if it comes off, but that’s about it.

He graduated not too long ago with a degree in Physics, which had virtually nothing to do with cycling.  In between his second and third years, he applied for a summer internship at Cyclorama to try to escape his part-time supermarket job, and was lucky enough to be chosen.  He has been working here ever since as an administrator, editor and marketing person.

His other interests include music and languages – he’s a competent flautist and saxophonist, and is currently learning Cantonese and Japanese.  He’s also a keen writer, and writes in both the Cyclorama blog and his own.

He currently rides a Kona Dew that he got when his Halfords Apollo was “accidentally” destroyed by a certain van driver with a vendetta against rubbish bikes.  He wasn’t riding it at the time, in case you were wondering.

George left Cyclorama to go teach English as a second language in Hong Kong, from where he sends us infrequent reports on cycling (or rather the reasons for not cycling) in Hong Kong. Come back George, all is forgiven!