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Cyclorama Welcomes Taurus Biciclette

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 by CGIT

I hadn’t heard of Taurus Biciclette at all until very recently, even though I consider myself a bike nerd and they’ve been going for more than 100 years. They are a small manufacturer based in Vanzaghello just outside of Milan, Italy. They make city bikes, work-cycles, a tricycle, a tandem and a folder. And a range of classically styled bikes.

I was just saying to Caz the other night how love can take you by surprise, knocking you for six when you least expect it. Well so it was when I caught my first glimpse of the Taurus Contropedale in blue. Blu diplomatica to be precise.

I’ve had some really spectacular bikes over the years, many of which I wish very much that I’d kept hold of. But for the most part, each and every bike I sold financed the next, even better bike. Each new bike was an upgrade. I’ve had 50+ mountain bikes and probably the same again in assorted road bikes, recumbent bikes and trikes, roadsters, folders, fixed-wheels, unicycles, tandems etc. Like many folks who have spent career time at the retail end of the cycle industry, my staff discount was some small compensation for crappy wages and it allowed me to build ever more exotic bikes.

This merry-go-round has slowed significantly in recent years and my fleet has started to settle. I’ve got the bakfiets which you’ve all read about if you’ve been following the blog, the pedal-powered equivalent of a Volvo station wagon. I sold the Colnago to get that. I’ve got the Africa Bike, boring, reliable and capable daily driver with a good level of cargo/kid carrying capacity. Then there’s the Schwinn Black Phantom, my pride and joy. My hot rod which only comes out on dry summery days. And my mountain bike, what’s left of it, since I started selling it and got cold feet when I got to the frame and fork and wheels. I’ll build it back up one day.

What’s missing I suppose is a Brompton L3, but since I lost mine (when my mate Andy was assualted for it and left with a brain injury from which he hasn’t recovered) I haven’t had the inclination (or the dosh) to replace it. And that’s it. If pushed, I’ll admit to the occasional fantasy of building a super posh touring bike, but the likelyhood of me finding the time to head off on a loaded tour any time soon is as remote as the Outer Hebrides. Not in this half of the decade for sure. So I didn’t need another bike.

That was, until I clapped eyes on the Contropedale.

taurus logo

Oh eM Gee, as they say.

I am the kind of geek who frets over the slightest gram – even though I haven’t ridden competitively for thirty years (and even then I wasn’t competitive..). I am the kind of bike nerd who studies the detail on handmade frames for hours on end, who has a collection of images of the tubing arrangements at the seat cluster of the world’s leading carbon fibre TT and Tri bikes. Yes really. Who winces at the sight of Shi**no, even Dura Ace, on a Colnago. But the Contopedale is not an expensive bike. It’s not light either judging by the tubing and construction. It’s really nothing especiale. But to me it is the most beautiful bicycle in the world. It is the bike seen in profile on every bike route sign and painted in white on cycle paths the world over. It is The Bicycle distilled to its very essence.

When I first caught sight of it I knew it would be mine. And with a milestone birthday coming up I had just the excuse I needed.

That Taurus have agreed to feature in the Cyclorama book and the product pages of is really just a bonus!

Right click and ‘view image’ to see it in all its glory.

A bicycle.
A bicycle.

Read about Taurus Biciclette in Cyclorama.

Go on, take a look at that and tell me it doesn’t stir something in your soul. I’ll let you know how it rides when it arrives.

I can’t wait.

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4 Responses to “Cyclorama Welcomes Taurus Biciclette”

  1. Mick Allan says:

    It’s on its way. Fanbloodytastico!

  2. Mads says:

    Mick, looks insanely beautiful. Can you let me know how you ordered? Thanks!

  3. Mick Allan says:

    Hey Mads, Doesn’t it stir something in the soul. And/or loins.

    Best to contact Taurus directly.

    Shipping to the UK was quite a big percentage of the total I paid – but made it no less desirable.

    I hope you’re not in the UK Mads, I’d hate there to be more than one!

    Cheers, Mick.

  4. Mads says:

    Hey Mick, dont worry – will not steal your thunder ;-) This one will be in Denmark, if all goes according to plan. cheers!