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Cyclists more likely to help fellow cyclists after an accident, says St John Ambulance

Monday, June 30th, 2014 by CGIT

St John Ambulance, the UK’s leading first aid charity, has launched a new free first aid app for cyclists following research that shows they are nine times more likely to stop and help fellow cyclists than other road users in an accident.

Research among London cyclists showed that on average, cyclists have the shortest response time to come to another cyclist’s aid and respond at least three times quicker than motorists. St John Ambulance has therefore launched a campaign to build the world’s largest first aid equipped cycling community so that every cyclist knows how to help if an accident happens.


The app has advice for cyclists including what to do to make a scene safe on the road, tips on how to improvise with bike clothing and equipment, and first aid techniques for dealing with common cycling injuries such as limb, chest and head injuries.

The app was created using the expertise of the charity’s medically trained staff and the Cycle Response Unit, the team of highly trained first aid volunteers who use specially equipped mountain bikes and can be first at the scene of an accident. The Cycle Response Unit will be on duty at events across the country in the summer months including Le Tour.

The free app is available to download for Android and iPhones from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.